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Getting the Best Experience from Your Ophthalmologist in Berkeley Heights, NJ

If you want to get the best experience from your Ophthalmologist, coming prepared is key. Clear communication about your medical history and current problems will help ensure that you get the right care. Like other doctors, ophthalmologists rely on having current information about their patients in order to make informed decisions. Providing Dr. Todd Leventhal, MD and his staff with these details can help our practice better serve you as a patient.

For New Patients

If you are a new patient, you can save yourself the trouble of filling out paperwork in the waiting room by printing out our new patient form and completing them prior to your appointment. Completing the new patient form gives us valuable information, such as your primary care provider, which allows Dr. Leventhal to easily contact your other doctors. This access is essential to giving you quality care.

Bringing a list of your known allergies and current medications will help Dr. Leventhal make the best decisions for your health. If you are a patient transferring from another doctor, you can have your records transferred to our office. To do so, file a records release form with your previous health care provider to have your records sent to our practice. Having your previous medical records on file will allow us to have a complete understanding of your medical history so we can better personalize your treatment.

For Existing Patients

If you are a returning patient, you should notify us if you have experienced any changes in your vision since your last visit. It is always a good idea to bring your current glasses and contact lenses with you to serve as a baseline and help us find the right lenses for you. If you have started any new medications since your last visit, it is important to note that, even if the medication is unrelated to the eye.

If you are seeing Dr. Leventhal for a problem outside of your routine exam, come prepared with a description of your problem, how long the symptoms have persisted, and what you are currently doing to treat the issue. When you arrive, give the ophthalmic technician assisting you this information and they will be able to streamline your appointment and provide the right care.


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